Be Healthy 2018 Workshops with

Kathy Smart and Ramona Braganza


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Both workshops are located at the 1000 Islands Mall, 2399 Parkedale Ave, Brockville.

Kathy Smart Workshop – January 6 @ 1pm-3pm Tickets are $40

Kathy Smart is a Multi- Award Winning Nutritionist, Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Huffington Post Writer, Healthy Body Image Advocate and TV Personality. Kathy teaches, motivates and inspires others to live their healthiest and happiest life by empowering others through motivational keynotes, TV appearances, books, recipes and traditional media. Kathy will lead guests through a nutrition planning seminar.

Best known as North America’s Gluten-Free Expert, she is a popular speaker, health and fitness presenter and the go-to media expert in all things health and wellness.

Ramona Braganza Workshop – January 7 @ 1pm-3pm Tickets are $40

Be Healthy Show keynote speaker is Ramona Braganza. Ramona has spent her lifetime in fitness as a competitive gymnast, NFL cheerleader, fitness contestant, model and wellness coach, her true passion is guiding all walks of people toward a better life – mind, body, and spirit. Ramona has been working hard training the Hollywood elite to help them reach their perfect look for their roles.

Ramona has a passion for helping people lose weight and build strength through her DVDs, Mobile app, lifestyle Diet and Nutrition plans. She offers retreats and even connect with people online. She blogs her adventures to people looking for inspiration.

Ramona will be discussing her 3-2-1 Philosophy and lead a group through a 3-2-1 workout.