Math Skills

A cost-free gradual learning experience on math subjects from grades 1 to 8. Your child can either apply for virtual learning or in-person. Advisory - There are a limited number of spaces so book early.
If you are enrolling your child in the virtual program, please provide either your child's email or an email they are able to use to log into Microsoft Teams. If an email is not provided your child may not be enrolled in the program.

Parent or Guardian information

Child Information

If your child does not have any allergies or medical conditions we need to be made aware of, please write N/A
I hereby give permission to BBBSLG to make available their service to my child. It is my understanding that the intention of the agency is to offer my child an opportunity to participate in a group program lead by a responsible adult.
I hereby consent to BBBSLG the use of any photographs, audio and/or video recordings of my child.